About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of entertainment professionals, digital nomad coders, musicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists who are all very creative and inspired. Some of us travel frequently and are often out of town. We all have a positive lookout on life and love what we do. We value each other’s different skill sets and abilities.

We focus on what brings us together as human beings rather than what divides us, and we respect each other’s differences and value a no-drama creative lifestyle where everyone is supportive and inspires the best in people. We love to share and network with each other. We are very easy going and not into a heavy party / drugs lifestyle, but love gatherings and inspiring interactions.

Our hands-on team of core members and community guardians ensure that all FWDVision spaces are friendly, collaborative, positive, inspiring and drug free environments, guaranteeing that our members can stay focused on pursuing their dreams.

Our History

FWDVision Space was created 7 years ago by a group of creatives in the search of a positive, inspiring, drama and drug free environment where they could connect, collaborate, and create together. Back then we could not find such spaces, so we created FWDVision Space!Our 1st FWDVision Space is called “DreamHatcher”.

In the last 2 years we expanded into 9 more spaces to accommodate the growing demand for positive creative co-living opportunities. Many of our original core team members are still living with us and are at the epicenter of what makes FWDVision such an amazing space. They have built some amazing careers and businesses with the people they met at our spaces, and have collaborated as mentors for newest members. Our investors support our recent expansion, including our newest  “Art Farm” project.