The Best Shared Living Spaces in California

What is FWDVision?

FWDVision brings people together from around the world and from all walks of life that have one thing in common, they put their passion above all else.  Whether you’re a student on a budget, an aspiring artist seeking to collaborate with others, an entrepreneur looking to connect with like-minded creatives or a digital nomad in search of a fun vibrant community, FWDVision Creative Co-Living Spaces are the perfect way to make friends, have an “Instant Community On Tap” and meet a diverse group of creatives and other like-minded individuals.

What We Offer

We offer Move-in ready spaces and a built-in community so you can easily make friends and feel at home, together. Staying at one of our FWDVision Creative Spaces means you instantly have an awesome community of artists, entrepreneurs and creative people who you can connect, collaborate and build friendships with. Our co-living spaces are perfect for creators, artists, travelpreneurs, actors, musicians, writers, directors, comedians, dancers, students and entrepreneurs who want to live, work and play together. FWDVision Space is a great place to start your journey in Los Angeles.

For International Students, Entrepreneurs & Artists from Abroad

We welcome international students, entrepreneurs and artists from abroad. We understand that moving to a new city as a foreign person can be a daunting prospect. FWDVision Space is not only a home but more importantly a community ready to welcome you with open arms!

We offer some amazing cultural exchange opportunities and cross-cultural inspiration, and make the application process easier. We provide:

  • Move-in ready spaces.
  • Hassle-free application process and special discounts for international students and artists.
  • Fun, safe home away from home where you can easily make new friends. 
  • A great place to network and meet other creatives.

For Entertainers (Music, Film, Multimedia Creators)

We offer move-in/ move-out flexibility allowing entertainment professionals and those with a fast-paced lifestyle to pursue opportunities without the worry of when or where their careers will take them. Stay with us with no long-term contract, no deposit and ALL UTILITIES included so you can stay flexible, invest in yourself and focus on chasing your dreams wherever they may lead you.

Our residences already have the necessary amenities, furniture, fast-speed WiFi, and more all set up—you just need to arrive and you’re home! You have access to all common spaces like kitchen, living areas, office and studio spaces. Enjoy our Tiki bar, BBQ areas, basketball courts and Jacuzzis, depending on what facility you are staying at. 
All our co-living spaces are available on a month-to-month basis, so no worries about having to sign a long lease. Our spaces range from our economically priced dorm style pod beds to double occupancy rooms with private exit and bathroom and a few select private rooms.

Benefits of Living in Our Community

Co-living is not only a transformative and rewarding experience, but also instantly gives you a community of great creative people who you can connect to, collaborate and build friendships with. FWDVision’s large network of awesome people and creatives inspires plenty of skill-sharing collaborations and networking opportunities.




Moving In Is Easy & Hassle-free

Our Ideal Resident

We are looking for friendly, inspired and awesome human beings dedicated to pursuing their dreams!  Instead of asking for a perfect credit score, proof of employment, a savings account or pay stubs, we look at your work, skillset and/or dedication towards your dreams which is measured by your accomplishments as a creative. When you submit your application we might ask you for links to some of your accomplishments, music, demo reel, script you wrote, video of your performance, link to your travel blog or website, write-up about what inspires you and what dreams you’re here to pursue or any other material which showcases who you are as a creative and inspired person. This allows us to curate a young talented group of people that can all inspire each other and rise in their careers together.

Room Choices

All room choices are offered first to any of our existing members and are then opened up to referrals or new people on a first-come, first-served basis. It includes private rooms, our flagship “Privacy Double” with private entrance and bathroom, double occupancy with shared bath and our economic hyper social rooms featuring dorm style “privacy pods” for 4-8 people in a bunk bed setup with storage for personal items and privacy curtains for more privacy.


  • Internet/ WIFI , Laundry Machines
  • Awesome indoor and outdoor common spaces: 
    • Depending on location, our facilities feature a variety of great all-purpose co-work spaces such as office/ studio /multipurpose rooms for you to use and be creative in.
    • Our outdoor spaces feature amenities like BBQ or fire-pits for awesome camp fires, Tiki Bar, pool table, ping pong table, basketball court, wet bar, Jacuzzi, outdoor seating wet bar, quiet yard areas for meditation and yoga, workout areas and more.

Members frequently organize events like art shows, open mic events, karaoke nights, campfire gatherings, music jams and BBQs as well as all sorts of other happenings and adventures.

Looking to dive into the center of creativity and all this city has to offer? Consider ASTRON just half a block from famous Melrose Ave, with tons of cool little shops, restaurants, bars, nightlife and entertainment!  If you want to live in a fun beach town where you can reach tons of fun and entertainment just with a bike, try NeXuS Santa Monica, one of our largest houses! Want to experience the more chill, laid-back side of L.A and avoid the distractions so you can stay super focus on your art? Consider living at THRIVE or ART FARM. 

Every one of our locations offers a very distinctive vibe and amenities.


We are here for you, 24/7, to help you and reply within the hour.